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The colorful family that accompany Xurxo around the world always carry a tambourine on their back. Busking and livening up the streets and places are the speciality of this particular tambourine players. They are so chamaleonic and cultural-friendly that they can dance the “muiñeira” but also a “nestinarstvo” or a “tarantella”. In fact, Pandeireteiras Sen Fronteiros take their Galician culture ever further: Madrid, El Calabacino (Huelva), Romania, Bulgaria, Italia, India, Morocco and Cape Verde have been the destinies of this Galician clan. The main objective of this group is to place value in Galician culture, also spread and fuse it with other cultures and traditional sonorities. Evidence of this is PAN.SEN.FRON’s musical repertoire, with songs from Galicia but also from another countries, always reinterpreted in a special way. Besides concerts and parades, PAN.SEN.FRON play at weddings, funerals and at any type of celebration or ceremony. Xurxo saw that band emerge from their insides by spontaneous generation in 2012 at the legendary Montealto distric, in A Coruña.

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