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Xurxo Fernandes presents in Levaino! his two creative facets: on the one side his work as a well-known Galician music ethnographer; on the other side, his passion about the urban Jewish music from the Ottoman Empire reflected on his project Jako el Muzikante. Levaino! is the depiction of that dualism that shapes Xurxo Fernandes’ artistic pathway. It is a revelatory game of mirrors wherein Galicia and Middle East reflect and Xurxo shows that in a record release for the first time. Levaino! suggest a unique vision of roots music and collective creation music, wherein ancient sounds of a primitive Galicia blend with the exoticism of the Middle East. It is an exquisite proposal, composed by a peculiar sonority and accompanied by the powerful, warm and rich voice of Xurxo. Galician oral tradition and its emblematic tambourine is the basis and the gathering place where the sonorous landscape nourishes from other tradition thanks to the singular arrangements and the contemporary instruments introduced in an organic way. Xurxo Fernandes presents twelve songs collected by himself in territories like Coristanco, Samakov, A Mezquita, Salihli, Tordoia, Larache and Tel Aviv. Thereby, Levaino! travel through a dozen of little known soundscapes that start in the Middle East and finish in Galicia. Sonorities that bring to light the proximity between these two cultures and oral traditions. Both in the CD and on stage, Xurxo is accompanied by a band that invites to participe in a journey between Galicia and Orient. Pedro Lamas (bagpipe, dulzaina and sax), rubén Montes (percussion), Rafa Morales (bass guitar), Roberto Comesaña (keyboard) and Fernandes suggest a vibrant sonorous universe enriched by the voices and the energy of Pandeireteiras Sen Fronteiros (PAN.SEN.FRON).

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